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What We Do?

Skgreen SDN BHD was formed few years back with the aim of creating a greener and sustainable environment for the society. We are working on making future brighter, cleaner and greener by introducing birchwood and other eco-friendly materials based cutlery available for customers. Our non-toxic offerings like White Paper Straw, Wooden Cutlery and Colour Paper Straw. do not harm ecosystem and makes sustainable living possible. In the upcoming years, we are all set to explore and come up with more product categories related to green technology. 

Our Values

  • Understanding our corporate social responsibility towards the society, we are into manufacturing quality products which do not harm the environment.
  • We are committed towards making products that are safe for both environment as well as the humans.
  • To enhance the standard of living of our community by taking measurable improvement steps.

Contributing Towards Greener Environment

Being a responsible manufacturing organization, we make sure that all our offerings are made using quality raw material and through eco-friendly production techniques which do not harm the environment. Our products like White Paper Straw, Wooden Cutlery and Colour Paper Straw. have huge demand in national as well as global market because they are:

  • Environment friendly- All our products have the capability ti decompose easily through bacteria and living organisms without harming the environment.
  • Compostable- Our products easily disintegrate into natural elements of the environment and do not leave any kind of toxic substance.
  • Recyclable- Our products can be easily recycle and further used for producing some other products without creating air & water pollution.